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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are your shops open year round?

Yes! Please come visit us whenever you're in or around Edinburgh, York, or St Andrews! We are open every day of the year, save two- Christmas Day and Boxing Day are set aside to give our hardworking elves and well-earned rest. Hours of operation vary upon time of year, so if unsure, please give the respective shop a quick phone call to inquire about opening and closing times.

  • Do you play Christmas music all year, as well?

Of course! Our elves love their tunes, and Christmassy ones are best for keeping them happy and energetic! But they are known to break into song at any given moment, so be ready for an impromptu Christmas carol singalong during your shop visit!

  • How will my ornaments be shipped?

Please see our Shipping Policy page (link at very bottom of webpage) for full details.

All ornaments are carefully wrapped before packaging- most will have both bubble wrap and/or tissue paper layers before being packed into their envelope or box.

Domestic orders are carried by either Evri or DPD, depending upon shipping destination, materials, and time of shipping. Orders going outside of the UK will be carried by Royal Mail until receipt by your local carrier (for example, the USPS will usually be the carrier for US-destined orders). 

Personalised Ornaments

Each ornament is personalised by hand by one of our talented elves. The writing is done on each area of the ornament according to the specifications entered into each corresponding box on the ornament's page when ordering.

  • How do I personalise my ornament?

When you select an ornament from the browsing page, you will be taken to the ornament's own product page. On this page, you will see labelled boxes, titled to correspond to blank spaces on the ornament. When you enter text into these boxes, you will see what you've written appear on the ornament in the photograph. Enter your desired text into each available box, then click "Add to Cart". This will save your personalisations into their respective places. Our elves will then use this mock-up image to handwrite your very own ornament! 

**If any text boxes are left blank, the corresponding place on the ornament will also be left blank**

  • Will my ornament look exactly like the image I've seen on my screen when entering my personalisations?

No- each of our ornaments is personalised by hand, according to the specifications of the customer. Our elves carefully write your desired text onto the ornament, according to how you have entered it- so make sure to double-check your spelling!  Your ornament will be one-of-a-kind!

  • How many letters can I fit in each space?

The title over each personalisation box should include the phrase "(Max __)" with varying numbers in place of the blank space. This is the absolute maximum number of characters we are able to fit into the corresponding spot on the ornament, while still creating a lovely-looking ornament. The personaliser tool is meant to give a rough idea of how entered text will fill the space, as certain characters take up more space than others.

  • Will my chosen text really fit into the designated area?

Our elves will try their absolute best to fit your desired text into the spaces you've chosen. Please follow the maximum letter guide (see above) when filling the customisation boxes. They are provided to both allow as many letters as possible while still fitting properly on the ornament. Should our elves run into an issue completing your ornament as requested, you will be contacted with alternative solutions.

  • I've received my order confirmation email and realised I made a mistake with my personalisation text. Can this be fixed?

Contact us via one of the methods available to you on the "contact us" page on our website. Let us know your name, email, order number, and the exact correction that needs to be made. We will reply to confirm if the changes requested are possible. 

Orders that have already been packed and shipped will not be able to be changed. We apologise for any inconvenience.

  • Can I add small drawings, or decorative text?

In the "Special instructions for seller" section at checkout, you may include any additional flair requests you may want added to your text (e.g. hearts over the i's, pawprints next to pet names, love hearts, etc..). Our elves will try their best to accommodate your wishes, but if the addition/adjustment is not possible for any reason, just the plain text requested will be done for the personalisation.

If you have any further questions before placing your order, please reach out via our "Contact Us" page (see menu at very bottom of the webpage) and we will do our very best to assist you!

Collection Boxes

  • How big are each of the ornaments included? And how big is the box they come with?

On each collection page, you will find a description of each of the included ornaments. Alongside these you will find the dimensions of each ornament. Only the ornaments are measured, so the dimensions do not include the length of hanger ribbon/wire! All dimension measurements are approximate, and are taken from the greatest distances. 

  • Are the ornaments just packaged as shown in the photos before shipping?

No, each ornament will first be individually wrapped before shipping. Several are glass, and most are fragile and breakable, so every possible precaution to prevent damage while shipping is taken.

  • Can I purchase the decorative Santa box on its own?

Certainly! It is listed as the "Reusable Santa Gift Box" on our products page. Find it with our Boxed Sets, or by entering it into the search bar!

  • Will all themes always be available?

No, as our collection boxes are limited editions. Once the limited number of each set is sold out, it's gone! So don't hesitate to add to cart and checkout! 

  • Will there be new themes in the future?

YES! We look forward to adding new and exciting boxes as regularly as possible. Our elves are always thinking up new theme ideas and inventory is always changing, so we hope to continuously put together new and different collection boxes! We will announce new boxes through our social media (be sure to give a follow), so keep an eye out!


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